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Dentists understand the facial anatomy which gives them a unique advantage when assessing the symmetry and natural aesthetics of the face. This enables dentists to advise patients how they can achieve younger and smoother looking skin.

At Anele de Novo, we offer a free initial consultation in order to understand your concerns and wishes. This process is required prior to any treatment being carried out so that we can recommend the most appropriate products to achieve your desired results.

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Wrinkle treatments from only £200.00

Why choose Anele de Novo for facial aesthetics?

  • Treatments by qualified, skilled and trained clinicians
  • Only provide certified, approved and safe products
  • Achieve smooth and natural looking results
  • Affordable treatments and a variety of options
  • Quick procedures with instant and lasting results

Interested in Wrinkle Treatments?

For more information about Line & Wrinkle treatment, or to book an appointment, please call 01227 371937 or fill in our online enquiry form.

Wrinkle Treatment & Dermal Fillers in Herne Bay

Facial injections use a natural, purified protein that temporarily relaxes facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Other products available such as dermal fillers help to restore volume and structure to the face. Our qualified and trained dentists will explain all the options suitable for your skin condition and we only use safe, approved and certified brands.

Facial rejuvenation at Anele de Novo is provided by Dr Annjeet Dhami.

Natural Lift Facial

If injections are not your thing, we also offer the Natural Lift facial. This facial massage is performed using a range of facial reflexology techniques and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins. Acupressure points are tapped to stimulate the oxygenation of the skin, helping to brighten the skin and tone the face.

Benefits of The Natural Lift Facial Massage may include increased flexibility in the facial muscles, more defined features such as cheekbones and jawline, improved muscle tone and reduced sag, reduction of tension induced sinus problems, increased alertness, relief of tension headaches and eye strain, as well as improved complexion and complete relaxation.

The Natural Lift Facial is provided by our qualified beauty therapist Sarah Hingley.


What is facial rejuvenation?

Facial Rejuvenation is a selection of treatments that can help to reduce lines and wrinkles, thin or dry lips, and facial definition or the shape of your face. These are minimally invasive treatments performed by highly qualified, experienced, and recommended practitioners.

Is it safe?

Very! All our facial rejuvenation practitioners are highly qualified, experienced, and recommended. As the procedures are minimally invasive, so there is a large safety margin. As will all procedures, there are potential risks; most commonly, there can be some redness or swelling following the treatment but this is usually short-lived and can be discussed fully in your consultation.

Why would I want facial rejuvenation?

As with many things, lines and wrinkles come naturally with age. Creases and folds in the skin can present as crow’s feet near the eyes, forehead/frown lines, and nose-to-mouth lines. If there are any areas of your face or neck that you’re not happy with, Anele de Novo is here to help.

Does it hurt?

Our experienced team do all they can to make our procedures as comfortable as possible. The needles used for these treatments are very small, and topical anaesthetic, otherwise known as numbing gel, can be placed prior to your treatment. Anele de Novo strives for the highest quality care and experience for our patients, so we will always aim to make your treatment as enjoyable as we can.

Are there any side-effects?

Side effects and allergic reactions to facial rejuvenation treatments are rare but possible. The risk is lowered by these treatments being minimally invasive, and a full consultation is conducted prior to any treatment provided.

Will I look ‘plastic’?

Our team pride itself on their experience and expertise in facial rejuvenation. This experience allows them the skill to produce entirely natural facial aesthetics. We are constantly guided by what you, the patient, desire and strive towards this outcome throughout the consultation, treatment, and aftercare.

How long do these treatments last?

This depends entirely on the treatment(s) that you choose. Dermal fillers, for example, can last between three to 18 months, dependant on the type and amount of filler used, and where it is placed. All our treatments work in unique ways, as are each of our patients unique. For this reason, we provide a full consultation prior to treatment to give you a better idea of your options and their lifespan.

Do I have to pick one treatment?

No! All treatments are available to our patients; our comprehensive consultation can guide you in which treatment, or treatments, may best suit the look you are searching for. A member of our highly qualified and experienced team will be happy to consult with you to discuss the variety of options available to you.

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