Private Treatment Costs at Anele de Novo

A guide to our general costs for private dental treatment is listed below. Anele de Novo Dental also offer interest free finance for certain treatments over 12 months. Please call us on 01227 371937 today and speak to a member of our team for more information.

Procedure (inc. x-rays) Cost
Initial Consultation (paid upon booking) from £50.00
Examination from £35.00
Emergency from £50.00
Dental Treatments Cost
Hygienist Services (£25 deposit required) from £60.00
White Aesthetic Filling Small from £120.00
White Aesthetic Filling Medium from £140.00
White Aesthetic Filling Large from £160.00
Tooth Extractions from £150.00
Root Canal - Front Tooth from £300.00
Root Canal - Small Back tooth from £450.00
Root Canal - Large Back Tooth from £500.00
Tooth Whitening - Pola Day/Pola Night from £350.00
Tooth Whitening - Enlighten from £650.00
Facial Aesthetics Cost
Facial Aesthetic Consultation FREE
Dermal Fillers By Consultation Only
Lines & Wrinkles 1 area from £200.00
Lines & Wrinkles 2 areas from £225.00
Lines & Wrinkles 3 areas from £250.00
Orthodontics Cost
Orthodontic Consultation FREE
Clear Aligners (SmileTru or Invisalign) One arch from £2,000.00 inc Whitening
Clear Aligners (SmileTru or Invisalign) Both arches from £3,500.00 inc Whitening
Dental Treatments Cost
Dentures - Acrylic from £700.00
Dentures - True to Life from £950.00
Dentures - Flexible from £850.00
Dentures - Chrome from £950.00
Dental Implant Consultation (With Implantologist) FREE
Dental Implants from £2,250.00
Crowns - Full Porcelain (Emax/Zirconia) from £600.00
Crowns - Porcelain Bonded from £550.00
Crowns - Metal from £450.00
Veneers from £550.00
Bridges - Various Types Available By Consultation Only
Night Guards from £150.00
Sports Guards from £150.00
Michigan Splint from £650.00
Essix Retainer (per arch) from £150.00
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Spread the cost of your treatment

We understand the costs of certain dental treatments may be too much to pay at once. At Anele de Novo we can now offer patients an affordable way to help spread their payments over 12 months with interest free finance plan.

To find out more about the finance options available to you, please call 01227 371937 and speak to a member of our team who will be more than happy to help. Alternatively you can download the Hitachi finance leaflet below.

To find out more or to book an appointment please call the number below, send us an email or use the enquiry form above.

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